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Beaverdam United Methodist Church
Friday, November 15, 2019
Friends, United in Christ, Nurturing Each Other and the World
     Circuit Writer is the name of our monthly newsletter. [Click here for the November issue of the Circuit Writer.] Circuit Writer is a play on words for "Circuit Rider", which is a popular term referring to clergy in the earliest years of the United States who were assigned to travel around specific geographic territories to minister to settlers and organize congregations. Circuit riders were clergy in the Methodist Episcopal Church and related denominations.
     Newsletter Delivery: God calls us to be good stewards of our resources and with that in mind, starting in January the primary way we will be sending out the Newsletter will be by email.  There will be printed copies available for pickup at each church if you don’t have email. 
     If you would like to continue to have the newsletter mailed to you please contact Pastor Owen at the office 804-449-6794. If you already received this newsletter via email, you are set to go.  If you only received a mailed copy and would like your newsletter by email, please send us an email at pastor@bdrcumc.com.
      Back issues of the West Hanover Circuit Writer are available, just click on the one you would like to see!