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Beaverdam United Methodist Church
Friday, November 15, 2019
Friends, United in Christ, Nurturing Each Other and the World

Rouzie’s Chapel United Methodist Church
Established 1791
Pastor: Owen Taylor

"We envision churches where all God’s people are welcomed at table,
nurtured and transformed to be Christ to others in the world.

Sunday Service: 9:45 AM
Location: 21089 Green Bay Road, Beaverdam, VA 23015
Phone #'s: Church: (804) 449-2900; Pastor (direct): (804) 449-6794; Pastor (cell): (804) 389-5604
E-mail: beaverdamumc@embarqmail.com

Rouzie's Chapel Early Years
Rouzie's Chapel circa 1886 Rouzie's Chapel circa 1886
     Rouzie’s Chapel, the oldest church in West Hanover charge, ranks among the oldest churches in Hanover County. According to local tradition, it was founded about 1791. It is impossible to verify the date of the deed to the church ground, due to the fact that during the War Between the States, the records from Hanover Court House were taken to Richmond for safekeeping and were burned when that city was besieged. 
     The first minister was Rev. Edward Tomlin Rouzie, hence the name Rouzie’s Chapel, who was a Circuit Rider. Circuit Rider is a popular term referring to clergy in the earliest years of the United States who would minister to settlers and organize congregations. Circuit Riders were clergy in the Methodist Episcopal Church and related denominations.

Rouzie's Chapel 2009 Transition                                                                       Rouzie's Chapel Today

     A “circuit”, nowadays referred to as a charge, encompassed a geographic area containing two or more churches. The West Hanover Charge at one time had as many as six churches, but today is comprised of Rouzie’s Chapel and Beaverdam UMC.
     The present church building, the second on the same site, was erected in 1883. The original building was much larger than the present one; having a gallery and a section reserved in the rear for the Negro slaves, who attended with their masters. That these slaves were recognized members of the church is learned from an old church register in possession of one of the descendants of the founder. It contains a list of the “colored members” designated by their masters’ names.
     For a brief period, before the public school system was established, about 1870, a “free” school was taught in Rouzie’s Chapel, by Mr. John Edward Terrell.
     Through the years, there have been heard in this little church, sermons by men whose names are outstanding in the annals of Methodism. Among these may be mentioned: Leonidas Rosser, William B. Rouzie, John E. Edwards, P. A. Peterson, A. G. Brown, Powell Garland and G. W. Nolley.
     The church now serves a sparsely populated community and has a small, but loyal membership, including a Study Group that meets on Wednesday's as 10:00 AM and the West Hanover Men’s Group & Wood Ministry that meets on Wednesday's at 8:00 AM. Sunday services are held at 9:45 AM.
     All are welcome!