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Beaverdam United Methodist Church
Friday, September 20, 2019
Friends, United in Christ, Nurturing Each Other and the World
     The Road to Discipleship is an intentional plan that helps churches create a system of welcoming, building, and deepening discipleship. It centers on Wesley’s understanding of discipleship as a journey of grace and also sees discipleship holistically – a process made up of four equally necessary parts: Community, Teaching, Learning, Proclamation/Transformation and Service. As we map out the route, we will help to point others in the right direction of discipleship.

A disciple is one who knows Christ, is growing in Christ, serving Christ, and sharing Christ.

  • A disciple worships (a maturing disciple will begin to worship everyday, including the Sabbath, inviting others).
  • Is part of a community (a maturing disciple will build relationships with others and shares with them the life and community that they have found in God and their faith community).
  • Commits to spiritual practices (a maturing disciple enjoys and practices spiritual disciplines, and begins to show others how to use them to grow in faith and be drawn closer to God).
  • Is generous and serves (a maturing disciple tithes and gives beyond a tithe as God leads and restructures their life and resources to join Jesus in service to others).
  • Is seeking to be Christ-like (a maturing disciple partners with God and invites others to explore the life and teachings of Jesus.)
  • Searching  Seeking to make sense of our life: asking questions like, “What gives my life purpose, joy, and fulfillment?”
  • Exploring – Attend, but not belong; may not be committed to follow Jesus; wrestling with God’s presence in our life.
  • Beginning – Beginning to understand and put into practice our newfound faith; excited about faith, but still have doubts.
  • Growing – Eager to be identified as a follower of Christ; taking personal responsibility for our growing relationship with Jesus; beginning to integrate our faith into life in a holistic way and looking to Jesus for help.
  • Maturing – Moving toward surrender of our lives to Jesus; longing to know, love, obey, serve, and be with Jesus as a disciple; begin to make disciples.