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Beaverdam United Methodist Church
Thursday, August 16, 2018
Friends, United in Christ, Nurturing Each Other and the World
Dear Church Family,
      As surely as the seasons of the year change, so do United Methodist pastors. We are in one of those seasons of change as the new appointments were set at our Virginia Annual Conference in June. Claudia has moved to Ramsey Memorial Church and I have been happily appointed to Rouzie’s Chapel and Beaverdam UMC. Our history of itinerancy can be traced back to the American Methodist Episcopal bishop Francis Asbury in the 1760’s. Itinerancy was seen by John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church, as a way to most effectively and comprehensively carry out the mission of God and the transmission of the gospel. Who am I to question those guys? All I know is that I am humbled and excited to be appointed to this charge and can’t wait to serve in ministry with all of you.
     Speaking of seasons, Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3 starts off with “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.” In this chapter it goes on to list several “a time for” statements. One of these is speaking louder than the others for me today. It’s the latter half of verse 6, “a time for keeping and a time for throwing away.” This is hitting home for me now because my wife, Tina, and I are preparing to move into the parsonage. We both are finding the things that we need to throw away and leave behind, as well as those cherished items that we want to make sure make the move to our “new to us” home. Now I am sure that that the writer in Ecclesiastes had a different intent in his writing. I wonder if they were coming from the place that as we get closer to God that we need to throw away those old ways, those ways that hinder our relationship with God and that we should focus and keep those spiritual practices that draw us closer to our Creator. I suggest that with the dawning of this new season, that we take the time and evaluate what is drawing us closer to God and make sure we hold on to it.
      Rev. Owen Taylor

Friends, United in Christ, Nurturing Each Other and the World!

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